Choosing a Flight School

In 2008 AOPA named Jason Schappert as the number one collegiate flight instructor of the year, and he recently made a blog post with an accompanying YouTube video that goes in to some of the details for those attempting to choose a flight school. I checked out the video and thought it might be useful for some of the current or future Santa Cruz Flying Club students.

To answer a few questions for the newcomers to aviation you might have after watching this video, I just wanted to point out that Santa Cruz Flying Club is a Part 61 school. What this means for you is it is a less expensive and less rigid program than the 141 programs such as you would experience at an aviation college. The training is based on your own skill level, and your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) will tailor each lesson to exactly what you need most for that flight instead of following a rigid syllabus.

To get answers to any of the other questions he Jason brings up in that video I invite you to take a look around our website, give us a call at 831-722-4580, or the best option would be to just set up an appointment with one of our flight instructors and bring a list of your questions.