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Membership Transition at the Santa Cruz Flying Club

We want to again say THANK YOU for being a member of the Santa Cruz Flying Club!¬† We recognize that the recent transition we’ve gone through hasn’t been without it’s bumps and bruises, so to thank you for hanging in there we are offering you some special discounts that are not available to new members!

You may have already noticed¬† that your first month’s membership dues were charged correctly the day you signed up (late October, early November) at $10 as was planned.¬† But you may have also noticed that you haven’t been charged again, unfortunately I (Dan Dawson, the club secretary) incorrectly configured the subscription and it has not been automatically charging you monthly as was planned. My apologies for that.

We can keep the current subscriptions you have set up just as they are, beginning with your April/May payment (depending on the date you initially signed up) it will automatically start billing you monthly at the correct rate. But until those automatic payments start again, I am going to request you go ahead and sign up for a separate “Introductory Rate” subscription that will bill you the $10/month for January, February, March and April and we have given you December free of charge!


Discounted Member Dues: January – April

Click the button to the right and set up your payment online through PayPal.

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